Menu Colored Samus
Release Date: Dec 10, 2017
Author: RealRed
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
[download] [UH].ips (154 downloads)
Game: SM
Menu Colored Samus

Samus now has a fully drawn suit in the item window with three palettes, one for each suit, which can be easily modified with the beauty salon.
To modify the colors, go to the Beauty Salon in SMILE, and put in 1B7200 2F. Line 1 is power suit, line 2 is varia, and line 3 is gravity.
This patch modifies: All of samus' wireframe tiles, the MODE icon in the reserve tank window, AUTO on the HUD, and $82B5C5, $82B5E3, $8291BE, and $82F70F for the color changing assembly.
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