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SM Redesign: Axeil Edition by Drewseph [SM Exploration], rated by flb31 on Jan 22, 2017 (Star Star Star Star Star )
78% in 12:10
Your traveled: 279.28KM
Energy Lost: 44,861
Enemies Killed: 3,150
Shots Fired: 19,373
Doors Traversed: 2,166

Review: (qualification 1 to 5)

General Design: 5/5. The best Super Metroid hack thanks to this.

The doors open fast: 5/5
The purple doors: 5/5
Chozo Guardian: <3 5/5

Pirate spaces strong 5/5
The phantoom most difficult 5/5

Combo Beam: is a good idea, the game is most difficult without power arms 5/5
Super Missilie: I hate that be very slow. :'( . I understand that be for most difficult, but... 3/5
Wall Jump: It's good that be an ability, but.. automatic wall jump? WTF? 4/5
Automatic Shinespark: I like it and I hate it.
X-ray Scope: Shot button for to used it? I believe that do you what avoid glitch with this arm. hahahaha 3.8/5

Physical 4.5/5
Gravity Suit: I like the new design. It's the real color.

Space Colony: 1 minute again, Does not bother me.
Crateria: Good idea the water zone without Gravity Suit. But I believe that is best Super Metroid Redesign in this zone. 4.5/5
Brinstar: It's a beautiful design. 5/5
Norfair: It's a great zone, but Lower Norfair is very easy. 4/5
The Lost caverns: I don't know how I did passed this zone LOL, The first zone helps to decipher the second zone?, I don't understand that :(. I like it. In Super Metroid Redesign was easier. 5/5
Maridia: My favorite, very difficult, the bronce doors everywhere. 5/5
Tourian: Headache!!, It have the good idea but, to return the firsts zones for the entry the final boss? :@ boooorrrriiingg 4/5
Time Bomb: I like it more Super Metroid Redesign, 25 minutes it's very thrill hahaha. 4/5

Bottom right caption: I love this!!. Entry the new zone and appears this. <3 5/5
Camera: I discovered in Tourian zone, I don't used a lot again, it's a good idea. 5/5
Many bombs whit Charged Beam: LOL, It's a stupid technique. 5/5
Redesign Morphing ball: I love the new design. 5/5
Jump Ball after Bomb: It's a good technique. 5/5
Map Design: Great!!! 5/5
Zone Lifts: <3 5/5