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SM Redesign: Axeil Edition by Drewseph [SM Exploration], rated by Guitarmaestro69 on Nov 05, 2018 (Star Star Star Star Star )
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EDIT: It was brought to my attention that I may not have the latest version of Axiel. Take the following comments with that in mind.

A well thought revision to the original Redesign hack. Responding to some of the other comments, it does have an overall quite different feel than the original. more on pros/cons below. The general progression through the game remains the same, yet enough is different to make it enjoyable all over again. I am currently only up to maridia, having acquired the
gravity suit, so i cannot comment beyond this.

Although i would have made a few changes, it's still one of the best hacks out there. the world is a better place having Redesign in it!

(Maybe some spoilers below? but not really)

. Jump physics feels a little better.
. Auto wall jump is an excellent addition
. Auto ball morph is pretty cool. doesn't seem to work where mock ball would be nice.
. Axiel is definitely much easier than the original. This makes it more cartridge (vs emulator) safe, but i played the original on console. Much more rewarding with the higher difficulty.
. normal bomb sprite is nice. like an implosion.
. the map has been re-envisioned to show the transition from room to room more clearly. very nice.
. I don't recall if fast doors existed in the original, but it's nice.
. Some of the menuing loads quicker. noticeable when choosing a save file.

. mock ball seems to have been removed, unless it is unlocked later in the game.
. water physics was revamped. acceleration is probably halved. This could be a pro if you like a more difficult underwater experience.
. ball physics is more haphazard. Moment seems to be carried much more making it difficult to control samus as a ball.
. IBJ seems to have made impossible or supremely difficult. bomb timing has been offset just enough to have this effect
. X-Ray seems to operate with the fire button instead of the run button. not sure why this decision was made.