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New Contest!
Posted on Feb 01, 2017 by personitis

Happy February everyone. If you've been following the forums at all, you may have noticed that there's a new contest going on: the Winter Hacking Contest (2017) hosted by DSO. If you've ever been interested in getting into romhacking for Metroid, Super, Fusion, or Zero Mission, now's a great time to jump in and learn. This has usually got people to make mods which they probably wouldn't have bothered to do otherwise. Despite being a contest, it's also prime time to ask questions and learn since everyone's using their noggins and/or the knowledgeable people are around to help.

Rules are listed in the topic (linked again here) and you'll have until February 28th to make a working product. MAKE MOAR HACKS and don't forget to test your work! Good luck and happy hacking.

We Have a Discord!
Posted on Aug 02, 2016 by MetroidMst

Just dropping a quick note that we have a Discord server as well. The link below will get you in. For now, the community races and such are still held on Mumble for audio recording purposes. Having a clean audio recording of the call is pretty important when Lenophis or myself do the compilation videos of the races. But please do come by the Discord and drop a few notes. We're usually pretty nice.

MetConst Discord

New website finally live
Posted on Jul 17, 2016 by thedopefish

If you hadn't noticed, the new website is now officially live and out of beta. Welcome to the new face of metconst! If, for some reason you need access to something on the old site, fear not--it is still available at http://old.metroidconstruction.com. If you do happen to find any broken links, bugs, or other problems with the site, feel free to poke me on IRC or send me a PM on the forums and I'll try to get it sorted out. Otherwise, enjoy the new site!

New Year, New News!
Posted on Feb 14, 2016 by Vismund Cygnus

Welcome to 2016! A lot has happened since the last update here. November's A.N.T.I. Contest resulted in four excellent entries being produced, and a win for one MetroidMst!

There's plenty of other news too, so check out the official Metroid Construction update for January for more info!

Also, don't forget to check out the Contest Board and vote for your favourite Room of the Month, as well as 2015's Room of the Year!

I should also see about trying to do these updates more often, but who knows if I'll really do that.

Signing out,
Vismund Cygnus

MetConst Update!
Posted on Sep 01, 2015 by MetroidMst

The new MetConst Update for September has gone up, so be sure to give that a quick check before heading toward your Metroid hacking destination.

And in other news, the Alien Vista Contest finished up with a grand total of one entry. So we can safely announce the winner, SMILEuser96 for his SMContention entry!

So that pretty much sums up what I had for now. MetroidMst is signing off.

Just a quick update
Posted on Apr 01, 2015 by GF_Kennon

So, this update will not be so big this month, too many things happening, so instead I'm going to leave you with a video update.


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Welcome to the new Beta!
Posted on Mar 29, 2015 by GF_Kennon

Welcome to the new and improved Metroid Construction! So whats new? well, its bloody everything thats what, to give you a general gist of things, you can now log in at the top right of your screen, you just need to use your forum details as accounts are linked from there, if you have any trouble logging in, try logging out on the forums then logging back into the main site, that should fix it.

Anyway, there is a new automated system for submitting things to the main site, on the hacks and resources page you can submit whatever you desire to MetConst, and if there is nothing wrong with your submission, it will be approved and added to our databases, you can also update your own submissions now, and everything can be rated and reviewed.

While not complete, you can also see we have links for a ROM/RAM map, this will be a publicly editable ROM/RAM map for all the Metroid games that need one, while its likely that the Super Metroid ROM/RAM map will be the primary focus, we shall also be hosting a Metroid, Metroid 2, Fusion, and Zero Mission ROM/RAM map, hopefully in the future these can be worked on.

Top hacks are now also listed on the website, you can find them via the Hacks page under the submit button, 2014 is still to be updated, but all the other years are there, I will at some point be adding awards to users on the forum for past top hacks.

Hex Tweaks will also be a publicly editable system, this is still being worked on, I will post an update when its finished.

Anyway, thats a general idea whats going on, so have fun submitting!