Super Metroid: Training
Release date: Aug 13, 2008
Author: Bioniclegenius
Download: Version 10 [UH] (804 downloads)
Genre: Unknown [?]
Game: SM
Difficulty: Veteran [?]
Average runtime: 0:00
Average collection: 144%
Forum thread: Release Thread
Rating: Pending
The patch is for training needs, such as fighting bosses, or practicing bomb jumping, or wall jumping, or something. It gives you everything at the start, and you can test everything in that room. If you want to fight the bosses, you go to the door at the right of the screen, which will take you to Kraid, who leads to Phantoon, to Draygon, to Ridley, back to Kraid again. Enjoy.

New: The Training Patch has been updated, and this is probably pretty close to the final form it will take.
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By Aran;Jaeger on Dec 08, 2016 (Star Star Star Star Star )
144% in 0:00
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