Super Metroid: Training Camp
Release date: Aug 04, 2008
Author: RealRed
Download: Version 7.0 [UH] (144 downloads)
Download: Version 7.0 [H] (117 downloads)
Genre: Unknown [?]
Game: SM
Difficulty: Unknown [?]
Average runtime: 0:07
Average collection: 99%
Forum thread: Forum Thread
Rating: Star Star Star Star Star
I just went through my files and found a training ground, so I updated it with my new graphics to release it. (No boss rush thing.. :()
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Ratings and Reviews
By Aran;Jaeger on Dec 09, 2016 (Star Star Star Star Star )
99% in 0:00
No animals to be saved.
By Sapphron on Jul 04, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
99% in 0:00
A room with a few sparks. Doesn't really help for anything...
At least his graphics look nice.
By MetroidNerd#9001 on Jul 04, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
99% in 0:15
Surprisingly fun for a one-room hack. There are no annoying spike jumps, impossible mockballs, or anything of the sort that you usually see from these kinds of hacks. Some of the orbs take skill to reach, but it's an enjoyable process, and you don't feel mad at the hack after you are done. (For the most part) It could definitely be improved, however. Time calculated RTA after having reached every item sphere.

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